Originally published on Greater Long Beach- 08/05/2011: http://greaterlongbeach.com/05/08/2011/hand-written-signs-in-windows-say-sipology-is-gone-from-east-village
A couple of simple handwritten signs attached with Scotch tape to the windows of Sipology Coffeehouse and Gallerie on the corner of Broadway and Linden Ave. made the announcement Wednesday night: “Closed Forever!” said one. Said the other: “Out of Bus. That’s all folks!”
Attempts to contact Sipology’s owners have so far been unsuccessful and Sipology employees have declined to comment.
However, a phone call to Sipology’s other store at Broadway and Temple revealed that it is still open. SipologyRED on Orange Avenue–a casual fine dining experiment that opened last summer–has been closed for about a month.
The sudden, haphazard announcement that Sipology’s original location in the East Village Arts District would be closed permanently was preceded earlier this week with notices of a temporary closure by order of the Long Beach Health Department. Posted to the left of the main entrance, the Health Department notice included a list of “corrective actions” which needed to be addressed before the doors could reopen.
Deluxe Soul, a t-shirt shop that has been operated out of a small room within the now-closed Sipology location, is also vacating the premises, although its merchandise will still be available across the street at Brandon Apparel Group.
“The coffee shop is gone,” said one of the t-shirt sellers when asked about the surprising situation Wednesday. “Shit happens.”

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